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Camille Tamayo

Date of Birth:

July 30, 1989


32 years old

Current Location

Los Angeles, California



Place of Birth:


At the onset of the pandemic, I took the opportunity to learn more about the present technology and design environment. I applied myself to study UX and UI Design at DesignLab in July 2020 and finished in November 2021. 


I feel that my background and this newfound training make a full circle of what I can enjoy in the present and future.  Ideas, inspirations, and insights have a new platform of expression, and collaboration is exciting. 

I am a  practitioner of massage therapy for the last 10 years and a business owner for 5 years in January 2022. I live a minimal lifestyle, but a deep and profound observation of myself and my surroundings.


It is always wonderful to grow and experience self-awareness,  abundant learning, and customer discoveries. 


I am familiar with anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, many touch therapies of the world, Ayurvedic philosophies, Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies, and other esoteric teachings.  I studied world religion in college, which became a great foundation for understanding history, globalization, trade, cultures, art, music, and the patterns of human communication and ecology. I am always looking how I may improve myself to help others around me - our community.

I'm happy to have this time for career growth, develop my personal design style, and become a teammate, and continue leadership

My other passions are reading and playing classical music on my viola. I am a book collector. If I am not reading, I am water coloring, playing ball at the park, practicing yoga under a tree; on one of the trail hike here in Southern California, or at an occasional meditation retreat. 

Thank you for visiting my UX Portfolio. 

I hope you got a good glimpse of me and my passion for career advancement. 

Work Experience

April 2010- March 2020

Customer Service, Server at 3 restaurants

Table For Two (4 years) Zen Street (3 years),

Star Crab (3 years)

Massage Therapist Employee

For different employers every 1-2 years

September 2020 - 2022 Present

Freelance as a UX UI Designer

Producing passion projects

August 2021 - 2022 Present

Private Yoga Teacher

Sharing the universal benefits of observing harmony in one's self and nature

January 2017 - 2022 Present

Business Owner and Sole Practitioner 

CJoyceHeart Therapeutic Massage

Web designer, Marketing Manager, Content Creator, Logo Designer, Brand Management, Service Development, Customer Relations

5 Year Anniversary

Let's make something better together

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